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Centrally located in the heart of the seventh century city of Chiang Mai, a city surrounded by an ancient moat and sprinkled with gleaming temples and golden pagodas, Makkha Health & Spa Chiang Mai offers a sanctuary of calm elegance where guests can truly find relaxation and peace. With both the Colonial Gardens and Ancient House branches set only one minute’s walk from Wat Phra Singh and the Sunday Walking Street, and the Night Bazaar branch set amidst the popular shopping district, we also offer a free shuttle service to all city locations.

Even though they are next to one another, the Makkha Health & Spa Chiang mai Colonial and the Makkha Health & Spa Ancient House offer very different moods and experiences. The Ancient House is a renovation of 60 years old wooden traditional Thai house while Colonial Gardens would give impression to visitors with white colour building with contrastive green inside, together with real tricking water sound from the pool behind the lobby. They have in common the impeccably high standards for which our spas are famous while the Night Bazaar branch building and designs are subtly Modern Zen, visitors will be at peace with trickling water sound with interior decorative white and brown colours.

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Boutique Design

Makkha Health & Spa Chiang Mai (Ancient House) is set in a charming, newly renovated, sixty-year-old wooden house. Its new design honours its history and at the same time is decidedly modern to meet today’s international standards expected of a luxury health day spa. Gleaming teak floor boards, intricately carved panellings and surrounding tropical gardens celebrate the house’s community roots, while stylish furnishing, mood lighting and other modern features are designed for maximum calm and relaxation.

Makkha Health & Spa Chiang Mai (Colonial Gardens) is a purpose-built spa whose design has drawn inspiration from the strong architectural influences of the colonial era. It features soaring ceilings, cool marble tiles, glass panellings, cascades of sunlight and a turquoise blue pool next to a floor-to-ceiling living green wall. The combined effect offers a setting unlike any other spa and creates a truly special space with its own distinctive atmosphere.

Makkha Health & Spa Chiang Mai (Night Bazaar) is set in the bustling heart of the Night Bazaar and offers a modern Zen vibe for shoppers and visitors seeking a respite from the busy streets. It is designed as a place to escape, to find harmony and relaxation, and to release stress. White and brown colours are used in the décor which is simple yet elegant, inviting and casual.

Makkha Health & Spa Chiang Mai (Burirattana Hotel), our Minimal Contemporary Lanna-style boutique spa, stands in Chiang Mai’s Old City. Its design is inspired by the beauty of the local landscape and surrounding artistic and cultural creations. It also clearly presents the contemporary Lanna architecture. From the impressive design of the spa, together with the area’s ambiance, comes our spa’s interior decor in contemporary, minimalist style combined with the Lanna style. The warmth of wood and the carvings, blending with the white color of the concrete, gives you the impression of the Lanna way of living in harmony with nature, in the center of the Old City.

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Each and every single sense will be teased and soothed: the sound of trickling water, the perfume of a natural essential oil or herbal compress. Your eyes linger on the unique setting, taste buds tingle with warm herbal teas and your body is treated by the most professional of masseuses…all in the seclusion and comfort of a private room.

Professional therapist

Each of our massage therapists is professionally qualified and highly experienced. After completing a theoretical and practical training course lasting 300 hours, every masseuse is certified by the Ministry of Health. All treatments use standardized techniques to ensure the highest quality massage with guaranteed relief from the day’s stress.

Finest Environment and Products

On arrival, your therapist will wash your feet before beginning treatment, as part of Thai culture’s attention to detail when it comes to personal hygiene. As you would expect, we change our bed linens, towels, pajamas and other personal products after each treatment.

Our aromatherapy spa products are from the WAN WAAN brand, known for their unique natural scents and mild formulation that is gentle on sensitive skin.

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A Delightful Taste of Thai Dessert

You will be welcomed at reception with a glass of bael fruit juice with rice crackers and after your treatment we offer you a plate of sticky rice and mango.