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Special dessert before and after your treatment (Thai sweet sticky rice with mango or Khao tan)
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The Makkha Story Chiangmai Spa & Bangkok Spa Branch

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Makkkha Health&Spa (Ancient House) is a spa in Chiang Mai styled in traditional Lanna Thai wooden houses. It is built from more than 60 years old wooden houses that have been beautifully renovated and decorated and filled with a warm and local Chiang Mai atmosphere through the spa in Chiang Mai via Thai Lanna wooden house style. Real teak wood is used to decorate this whole wooden house for spa in Chiang Mai. Moreover, perforated wood ceilings and open walls are unique to ancient Lanna houses only. In front of and around this Chiangmai spa is a shady green garden and added relaxation by the sound of waterfalls around the house. Also, the spa is located in the heart of Chiang Mai city and close to the important temples of Chiang Mai. For this reason, this Chiangmai spa is very popular with tourists all over the world who would like to experience the traditional Chiangmai spa in the style of Thai Lanna wooden house experience. best spa chiangmai

Makkkha Health&Spa (Colonial Garden) is a colonial-style spa in the old city area near the traditional cultural sites of Chiang Mai. The building is decorated with two floors of glass. The arched doorposts are beautifully arranged uniquely. The glass ceiling brings in natural sunlight. Moreover, the white decoration interspersed with fresh greenery of flowers and vertical walls of plants within the spa evokes a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s very suitable for relaxation. The large turquoise pool in the center of the building is what makes this spa stand out. It enhances the spa atmosphere to look peaceful, calm, clear, relaxed with the sound of gently flowing water around the spa. In addition, you will be taken care of by highly experienced staff who will provide advice and services to make you a truly wonderful time of relaxation. best spa chiangmai

Makkkha Health&Spa (Night Bazaar) is a modern Zen concept spa decorated with vertical wooden slats in natural earth tones. It is located on the corner of the iconic Chiang Mai Night Bazaar area. It is a local shopping area or a famous night landmark of Chiang Mai. The spa is decorated with natural materials and real wood furniture. The walls are made of light-colored wooden slats, decorated with marble walls and floors. The large glass windows around the building are open and receive good natural light from the outside. It evokes a comfortable, calm, and serene atmosphere. Everyone will feel well rested and be prepared for further shopping in the Night Bazaar area. best spa chiangmai

Makkkha Health&Spa (Burirattana Hotel) is a contemporary Minimal Lanna-style spa. It is located in the heart of Chiang Mai Old City and Sunday Walking Street. It is surrounded by temples and important historical sites of the cultural city of Chiang Mai. The interior decoration is inspired by ancient Lanna architecture which is very beautiful and unique. It is adjusted to be more contemporary with black and white wooden spa interior tones. Visitors will experience the identity of the ancient Lanna community which is warm, peaceful, and truly relaxing.

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Makkkha Health&Spa (Marriott Executive Apartment Sukhumvit 24) is located in the heart of Bangkok’s economy and close to leading department stores such as The Emporium and The EmQuartier. It’s convenient to travel because this Bangkok spa only 5 minutes away from BTS Phrom Phong. In addition, on-site parking or hotel shuttle service is available throughout the day. You can stay in a private room with impressive service from experienced professional staff. This Bangkok spa allows you to spend valuable time enjoying relaxation with a variety of options that we have available. Our staff at this great spa in bangkok will be happy to give advice and help with the fullest and sincere heart. The atmosphere of this spa in Bangkok is decorated in Thai style with the aroma of essential oils that will relax you to a higher level. The sounds of nature will fascinate you with a comfortable atmosphere. Our staff will welcome you with local northern Thai desserts such as Khao Tan and a famous Thai dessert such as the spa’s special Mango Sticky Rice.Chiangmai spa, Spa in chiangmai , Bangkok Spa, best spa chiangmai