Makkha Health & Spa,
Night Bazaar Branch
ready to serve

Experience the luxury spa in the Night Bazaar area. Located in a two-storey corner building next to Le Meridien Chiang Mai, enter through the lobby. Guests will find wooden décor accompanied by soothing sounds and scents in the lovely lobby. Beale juice and crispy sweet rice crackers served as welcome As guests sip and sip amidst the gentle sounds of frothy water, a sense of Zen permeates the space.
The Night Bazaar branch has 7 rooms for Thai massage and massage therapy of a high standard. And all at a reasonable price Home goods called sweet, made from 100% natural ingredients, the product has liquid soaps, lotions, scrubs, oils in various flavors such as rose, jasmine and lavender. The highlight of the product is the herbal ball that uses fresh herbs every day. so that useful substances can penetrate into the skin Helps to relax the muscles (other spas tend to use dried herbs) after the massage is finished. Mango sticky rice is served with vanilla ice cream and hot tea.
Open everyday 10.00 – 23.00
Tel. 053-271-668,093-241-9642
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